Evergreen Services Group Establishes Lyra Technology Group as a Home for its MSP Investments in the Northeast, Upper Midwest and Eastern Canada

Chicago, IL—Evergreen Services Group, an investor in leading managed IT services providers, announced today that it is establishing Lyra Technology Group to oversee 6 MSP investments in the Northeast and Midwest United States and Eastern Canada. Lyra Technology Group joins Executech in the Western United States and Canada and Netgain in the Midwestern and Southeastern United States as the third regional MSP investment platform of Evergreen Services Group. Evergreen has completed 43 investments in MSPs across North America since its founding in 2017.

Elliott Hyman will serve as CEO of Lyra Technology Group. Lyra Technology Group will be responsible for managing Evergreen’s investments in Wolf Consulting, Tech-Keys, JENLOR Integrations, Beringer Technology Group, Xpert Technologies, and Starport Managed Services. The group is also actively pursuing additional investments in MSPs in the Northeast US, Midwest US, and Eastern Canada.

“We are extremely excited to officially establish this group of industry leading MSPs as Lyra Technology Group,” said CEO Elliott Hyman. “We believe that creating this unique holding company will give us the opportunity to foster even greater collaboration amongst our companies’ exceptional teams to produce even better outcomes for employees and clients.” Unlike other investors in the MSP industry, Lyra Technology Group retains the employees, name, and culture of the companies that join its group. This allows existing management teams to continue serving their clients and employees with minimal disruption caused by the investment. The strategy has yielded consistent growth in sales, profit, and number of employees of the member companies since receiving their initial investment from Evergreen Services Group.

Lyra Technology Group

Lyra Technology Group is a family of industry leading technology service businesses. Our companies are operated independently by exceptional management teams. Companies that join our group retain the employees, name, and culture that have made them successful. As a platform of Evergreen Services Group, we never divest from businesses we partner with and approach every decision with the goal of driving sustainable and healthy growth over the long term. Visit us at www.lyratechgroup.com.

Evergreen Services Group

Evergreen Services Group is a family of leading service companies that differentiates itself by providing a permanent home for businesses. Business owners that partner with Evergreen have built successful companies and care deeply about finding a long-term capital partner that will take care of their customers and employees. Visit us at www.evergreensg.com.